Written by Olarewaju Joshua

Independence meant one thing for me growing up. It had nothing to do with October 1 or Britain or Nigeria. It simply meant being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. I wanted to be able to buy what I wanted, simply because I wanted it. It did not matter that I wasn’t working or making any money. I wanted to decide on where I go and how long I stayed there. I hated the fact that I had to tell my parents where I was going every time I went out. I wanted Independence.

I went to the University and got some level of independence. I went for NYSC and got even more independence but what did I do with it? Nothing. At least, nothing that has greatly uttered my life.

You may feel caged, restricted. You look at the people outside, enjoying freedom, roaming and eating what they want. You never ask yourself what they do when it rains. You stay indoors, warm and dry, they are exposed to the elements. Suddenly their freedom doesn’t look so attractive.

There’s a certain thing in humans that makes you hate control and submission. You think you know the best, you believe your decisions are the right ones and nobody knows better. In truth, nobody is always right. Most of the things you struggle and fight to control, you really shouldn’t come near them. Or at least, not yet.

Some have claimed that Nigeria got her independence too soon. Their argument is, Nigeria would be better if the British had stayed longer. They would have established better infrastructure and better systems. Things we could not handle ourselves. I don’t know if they are right or wrong but I know there is such a thing as premature independence. Don’t fight for independence when you are not ripe for it. Don’t fight to ‘go it alone’ when you are not ready.

Enjoy the limitations being under somebody puts on you. Learn to live with them. Build discipline. Learn submission. A day is coming, and it will surely come, when you will get the independence you so long for. Nobody will be able to stop you from getting it, or take it from you.

You may find out that you spent so much time and effort fighting for independence, you forgot to prepare for it.


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Joshua Olanrewaju or LordJosh, as most people know him is a fiction writer, blogger and filmmaker. He has a knack for suspense filled, riveting stories that will have you turning every page till you are done. He has blogged for years and most of his writing can be found on his website; www.lordjoshwrites.com and his Facebook page; facebook.com/lordjoshwrites. He is currently working on his debut novel which will be out in 2018.

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Written by Segun Odebunmi

Perspectivising Our Independence

My overrated contentions can’t go unexpressed!

I’m still greatly perplexed that Nigeria,the supposed ‘giant of
Africa’ still relies overly on her colonial masters at every decision

More often than not,I stand to question the credence of our
57-year-old INDEPENDENCE.

Sometimes,I’m almost tempted to presume that we got our self-rule on a
platter of gold. These assertions of mine aren’t unconnected with my
muses. A truly independent nation would:

> empower her youths such that they will be useful to themselves and the nation at large.

>not play politics of fire and brimstones during electioneering campaigns and afterwards.

>provide selfless service to her citizenry.

>unify her diverse ethnic differences so as to let true peace reign.

>find strength in her obvious diversities

Is Nigeria truly independent?




Segun Odebunmi is a budding bard,a playwright and lover of Literary Critiques. An alumnus of UNILORIN.


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                                                                 Written by Kuranga Omolola {lolaspen}


       Independence…… It’s a powerful word that wraps what is often a dangerous concept.

       Independence or Freedom is a collective attitude and mind-set. I believe Freedom can only be built with others.

       Independence to me is: Equality distribution of Wealth, Resources, and no exploitation of native resource by supreme power.

      Even though we are free from our colonial masters, we are still held captive by those who we trust to give us freedom.

    Our country has become so corrupt and full of anarchy. Our ruling politicians are causing chaos and unrelenting strife. And they expect us to march to the beat of their drums and noisy fife, while they abuse our trust.

    A leader’s job is not to dictate, but rather to be respected, admired and be a trustee of the land we love- NIGERIA.

    Independence to me is freedom to be self-sufficient without harming others.

    Independence to me is;

            F- Faithfulness to the citizens

            R- Respecting the citizens

            E- Exemplary living

            E- Each day reaching out a helping hand

            D- Dutiful.

            O- Oneness

            M- Management of Resources. (On the part of the leaders)


 Most of us are probably grateful for the holiday, not the occasion. But deep in our hearts we wants freedom, total freedom. And I believe this will be realised, one day. So until then, I’ll continue to pray for a better Nigeria and I’ll continue to celebrate our Independence from the colonial masters, hoping for our total Freedom.

 This is what Independence means to me.



    Kuranga Eunice is a writer, a blogger and an activist. She believes in a better and one  Nigeria.

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“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”.

                                                                   Benjamin Franklin.

Yes, I gave excuses for my inconsistency in blogging. I blamed the economic, I blamed my parents for not giving me the necessities for my convenience and I blamed myself.

But few months back I discovered that taking chances, taking risks and going out of my way to achieve success is the only way to make my dream come true.

So I told myself, ‘No one is to be blame for my inadequacy. If no one is helping me, stand up, take risks, find a way where there seems to be no way.’

And I challenged myself to dream again and here I am. Doing what I love.

For a month now, I’ve been planning to do a series for the month of October. You know 1st of October is Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebration. A lot of arguments have it that Nigeria’s Independence or Freedom from the colonial masters came far too early. Some said, ‘Nigeria is free, that’s the important thing.’

Such a challenging one, isn’t it? What are your thoughts? How should a free and independent country look like?

Join me and 10 writers next month as we writes on the topic, “What Independence means to me”. It is going to be awesome.

So be here on Sunday, 1st October and every Wednesdays and Friday of the month of October.

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New-BeginningWhoa! Whoa! It’s so good to be back blogging. I have to apologize for my long absence. I have no excuses sincerely, because no excuse is justifiable when it comes to touching lives. I am making a promise today that I won’t run away again. It’s a promise.

Picking up my pen to write, and typing on my dad’s laptop felt new, as if this is actually my first post. But maybe it is, it’s actually a new beginning, a new post, a new me and a new Lola. So I made a move on Facebook, telling friends I would be back blogging today. I asked myself, ‘can you actually do this, what would I even post sef. But i believe in God and i have confidence in the Holy Spirit. Till yesterday I still don’t know what to write. So this morning I just decided to write from my note, a poem, to motivate someone out there. It is very short but very meaningful.


                    TODAY NOT TOMORROW

Today is the tomorrow we talked about yesterday,

Today has come only to be a yesterday, tomorrow,

Today has started and will soon be over and gone forever,

There’s never today twice.

Today has come and will soon be gone forever,

What you do today will lead to what your tomorrow will become,

Today is your tomorrow history,

So make it better than yesterday,

Never put till tomorrow

What you can do today

Because each day has its own duties.

 There is no value to procrastination yet everyone does it from time to time. It is such a deadly disease or virus that spreads and if you don’t control it, you’ll start doing more and more. It robs you of doing what is expected of you. So my last word for you today is to kill procrastination before it kills you. End procrastination before it ends your joy or probably your life.

I am truly yours, Lola and this is pen speaking.

So till my next post, keep loving, keep being healthy and be good.


Hello guys, how y’all doing. I can bet your weekend was fine.Today I’ve got an interesting story for you. There is always a lesson to learn in every story. So to my story.
One Father always ended grace over the family meals with these words:
“Come Lord Jesus, be our guest, and bless what you have provided.”
One day, his little son asked him a very important question.
“Papa, every evening you ask Jesus to come and be our guest, but he never comes.”
“My son”, replied the Father, “we can only wait. But we know that he will not refuse our invitation.”
“Well then,” asked the little boy, “if we invite Him to come and have dinner with us, why don’t we set a place for Him at the table?”
Moved by his son’s innocence, the Father allowed the boy to set a place at the table for Jesus.
Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door. When they opened it, a little orphan stood shivering in the cold.
The son looked at the hungry young child in the doorway for a moment, and he turned to his father and said, “I see Jesus couldn’t come today, so He sent this boy in his place.”
The father said little as his son brought the orphan to the table and sat him at the place reserved for Christ.
Waoh, so wonderful, isn’t it? This is a perfect representation of a godly man. And who is a godly man?
A godly man has the mind of his Father when he sees the hurting and those bound by the
ravages of sin. He thinks as God thinks, in terms of love and compassion for the loveless.
A godly lady or guy must see the world and those around him through the eyes of God.
A godly man is an example of unconditional love of christ and permanent commitment.
A godly man is a perfect model of humility.
A godly man sees himself not as a recipient of God’s blessing but as a channel through which God could flow His blessings to others.

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


N.B: Children’s day is coming, how do you intend to celebrate it? It should be a time to celebrate, show love to children, especially those in the orphanage. So let me know how you going to celebrate it, who you celebrating it with and where you are celebrating it.

Have a wonderful week.


Duriung World War 11, a group of prisoners of war were working on the Thailand-Burma railway. One of the Japanese guards counted the supplies at the end of the workday and noticed that he had counted one shovel short. He began to yell at POWs(prisoner of war), demanding that the thief step up to take his punishment. No one did. So the guard yelled louder and more furiously. He began screaming,”All die, All die”! As he cocked his rifle and pointed it at the prisoners. Finally one man stepped forward. The guard beat him with his fists and kicked him,eventually beating the man to death. The prisoners removed the body and headed back to camp. When they returned, the tools were counted again, and no shovel was missing.
The man who was killed hadn’t stolen anything. He was simply saving the lives of his comrades.
Jesus laid down his life for us just as this young man did for his fellow prisoners. The difference is, we actually do deserve the punishment. Yet God still forgives us.
The bible says,”The soul that sinneth it shall die”.
Sit down and think.What benefits can sin offer? What benefits has it ever offered any man?
Finally, my question to you today, “Are you going to let Christ die in vain”.

Comments, share with friends, don’t be selfish. Lol. Thanks for reading.
Welcome on board once again.


21st February, 2015.
I was meditating, then I discovered that for centuries, many writers came and gone, famous and forgotten, a special pen passed on from one writer to another.
Also,I discovered the pen is sharper than two-edged sword, it cuts threw our speechless mouths.
With the short length of the pen,it writes words longer than the length of the fallen rain,all in one given day.
Then I decide to put my pen to paper and writes words from the voices of the ones never to be heard.
Then I decide to use my pen to writes what the mouth is afraid to speak.
Then I decide to fill my paper with the breathings of my heart.
So on this day, as I sit on my writing chair, I hold the writers pen, ready to fulfill its mission.
The journey of more than 70 years as just begun. It’s gonna be wonderful !